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This is the last "single-player" build of this, where some of the pieces aren't networked yet. The three core mechanics - jetpacks, building structures, and shooting things - are in place in simple form.

To fly, select the jetpack on the touchpad of one of your controllers. Point the controller in the direction in which you want to add force and pull and hold the trigger. If it seems confusing, you can point the controller upward, pull the trigger, and tilt it around until it makes sense.

To build, select the hands icon on the touchpad of your other controller. Pull and hold the trigger to spawn a piece. You'll spawn a piece whenever you pull the trigger, unless your controller is within about a meter of an existing piece, in which case you'll grab that one. You can move it while holding the trigger, then release the trigger to set the piece in place again. You can fly while holding pieces, grab while flying, etc.

To shoot, select the gun on one of your touchpads. The bullets don't do anything at the moment.

The basic gameplay is going to revolve around base building and defense - the blue squares are both snap-points (i.e. maybe you'll only be able to place squares where you can connect to blue bits - it depends on how it turns out) and a limited resource, that needs harvesting somehow.

I'm working on things like -

- much better building system

- player driven and autonomous (craftable) harvesters of resources

- autonomous and player-flown (craftable) small craft with big weapons

- various piece types with different special features

- large and small weapons, definitely non-realism-focused

The vision for this is to have game modes that are fun for pick-up games of 30-60 minutes - where you start fresh and build a quick base for a duel or team deathmatch, or potentially a coop story-type objective - and longer games on a hosted server with one or two larger bases in a pitched battle type of situation.

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Published149 days ago
StatusIn development
Player countSingleplayer

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Vive required


Jetpack.zip (83 MB)